How to optimize a small business

In any case, a business, including a small one, always opens up in order to turn the surplus of your personal energy into money, because business itself is a machine for converting a person’s energy into money. Small business starts, usually spontaneously, because there is not enough knowledge and experience.

A business that is open spontaneously is often not optimal. In this regard, it has to spend a lot of time, money, energy and other resources.

To correct this situation, you need to work with the business program and optimize small businesses, which will reduce these costs and consequently increase the amount of benefits received. However, the problem is that the businessman’s energy has been generated and continues to be generated, and it must be implemented so that there is no stagnation. For this reason, a businessman does not have enough time to develop a plan to optimize his business.

What kind of idea is this?

As mentioned in the article “prospects for small business” for this type of business in the economy, there are 2 main niches: the start of new directions or assistance to medium and large businesses, and this must be taken into account when optimizing small business. How is small business optimized? There are many optimization methods in principle. But it is best to use the so-called ideal optimization method, because it is the most effective and accurate, and therefore allows you to achieve 100% optimization.

The essence of this method is that the beginning of a small business is considered the idea of this business, not people, not machines, not equipment, not a form of organization, but an idea. The machines, personnel, equipment, and method of organization are the form for implementing this idea. The business process in this scenario is considered as the process of developing this idea. What kind of idea is this? If a new direction is launched through small business – then this is the personal idea of the person who started this business and put it at its core.

Correct small business optimization

It is very important to have a business idea highlighted and properly executed on paper or in electronic form. Small business optimization starts with this, because in this case the idea becomes clear, and the businessman clearly understands what he is dealing with. Also in this case, it can build a clear business algorithm, or rather an algorithm for developing an idea, which will lead to the fact that the business will really work and turn the businessman’s energy into money.

Otherwise, small business representatives conduct their activities without real interaction with the idea they are working for. Without interaction with the idea, it is impossible to develop it, because it is the idea that gives a clear instruction on how to develop it, as opposed to intuition, which gives a presumptive instruction. It is the idea that generates thoughts on the basis of which the businessman makes the right and optimal decisions, because only it knows what it needs for development.

If there are no thoughts on how and what to do, the businessman, of course, will do something based on intuition. But these actions will be in 99% of cases in vain, because in reality they will not be aimed at the development of the idea that he is engaged in. Accordingly, for there to be at least some result, for the business to develop in any way, the businessman, as follows from practice, will need to perform almost 100 actions to guess the only action that is necessary for the development of the idea.

To understand what interaction with an idea is, you need to imagine a completely dark room and yourself in it. It’s pitch dark in this room, which means you can’t see anything at all. At the same time, you find yourself in such a room abruptly and immediately, without examining it at the moment when it is lit. Accordingly, you do not know what is in it and how it is located, you do not see what kind of room it is, what its size and color of its walls are.

To be in such conditions is actually to become blind. It is in this state, the state of blindness with sighted eyes, that the businessman who does not interact with the idea is. It is clear that the actions of a businessman are unlikely to be effective in such a situation. They can only be effective if the room is illuminated. If a businessman forms an idea and begins to interact with it, it is equivalent to turning on the light in a room with pitch darkness.

Small business optimization is the alignment of an idea that a small business promotes with the form by which it promotes it. In other words, it is bringing the business idea into line with the business itself. Without this, the efficiency and optimality of small businesses will not be achieved. Without this, a small business will be a Gorynych Snake with 5 heads, each of which wants to lead the body exactly where it wants to go.