Chess-Bot Is An Implementation Of AI: Merging Mind Games And Technology Together

Indoor games are fun when played together with family or friends. These include all the mind games such as chess, Ludo, carrom, etc. Thanks to rising technology we can now play all these games online, even if we don’t have any partner to accompany us. Computer engineers, with the help of technology and programming knowledge, have developed such games that we can play online with opponents as bots just like any other person. We don’t feel like we are playing alone. Let’s see how it works.

Gaming bots

In this modern generation, no one is left out of knowledge of AI. Artificial intelligence is a field that is being adopted almost by all leading and growing companies to serve something new to this world. In this age of AI, computer engineers have developed such algorithms that can play mind games according to the move which an opponent makes. These algorithms are named as gaming bots. There are different online bots for different games for example – chess-bot,Ludo-bot, carrom-bot, card-bot, etc. which play as opponent players in games, accompanying the same amount of fun and entertainment.


One of the very famous mind games exists in the form of chess. Almost all of us are fond of playing chess. But this game is necessarily played between two players. What if there’s no one to company you? For this very reason exist online chess games. These are offered by limited websites on the internet facilitating players with chess-bot. The gaming bots have an algorithm designed as such that they can calculate next move efficiently and quickly and then accordingly make the same move on the chessboard online. Such games are generally liked by players a lot and help them increasing mind sharpness.

Chess-bot is one of the most innovative creations of programmers that is developed from AI. This has not only solved the problem of many players who are not accompanied in their game but also given a platform for indoor games to be played online, anywhere.