Acronis – how to use the program

Acronis company develops system solutions for working with HDD, which allows you to edit hard drive partitions, create backups, manage OS loading, destroy data, and much more. Acronis products are very convenient to use, and the most popular are Acronis Disk Director, Acronis True Image, and Acronis Backup.

Acronis Disk Director-how to split a disk

Users often face the need to share memory on a hard drive, most often this need appears in those who purchased a computer on which the hard disk has only one partition. The Windows operating system has the ability to edit disk partitions, but not Windows 7, Windows 8, or even Windows 10 has the ability to do this without losing all the information that is on the disk. You can use Acronis Disk Director to edit hard drive partitions without the threat of data loss.

How do I use Acronis Disk Director?

To split a disk, just follow these simple steps:

  • In the program, select your disk and click “split volume” in the “operations ” section.
  • Next, the Acronis will offer you to choose how much memory to leave to the first partition and how much space the second one will have. Click “OK”.
  • The “Apply pending operations”button will appear at the top of the program.
  • After clicking the button, the Acronis will safely split your HDD. If you are splitting the system disk, the program will ask you to restart your computer to complete this procedure.
  • In General, using Disk Director is very easy and intuitive.

Acronis-creating a system image

Why do I need a system image? There are various situations that may require a system image. Either you need to reinstall Windows after infection with viruses, or transfer the system from one hard drive to another. The process of normal reinstalling takes some time, because after the installation of the OS itself, you also need to install all the drivers and a lot of programs that we work with. Acronis True Image makes this process much easier. True Image can remove the HDD image and if necessary, you can quickly restore everything and immediately start using your computer.

How do I use Acronis True Image?

Creating an image is a very easy procedure, which is carried out as follows:

  • You select the backup source. This can be the entire railway or a separate section of it.
  • Then you choose the storage for your image (Acronis Cloud, removable media, or actually).
  • Click the ” Create a copy” button and wait for the program to finish working.

Backup to Acronis

Companies often face the risk of losing important information from their servers. Due to unavailability of data, downtime occurs, which leads to high costs, customer dissatisfaction, and penalties for non-compliance and lost profits. Therefore, IT specialists have an important task to ensure the continuity of the company’s processes, and Acronis Backup helps them in this, which is very convenient to use. Backup is designed specifically for creating a backup and protecting your company’s data. it provides protection for 21 platforms that are divided into such groups:

  • physical (Windows Server, Linux);
  • cloud (MS Office 365, Amazon EC2);
  • virtual (VMware vSphere, Oracle VM Server);
  • mobile (Android, iPhone, and iPad).