Innovated By

Ilona Anderson

Developed By

Prof. Fatthi Abdelbaki

Organized & Executed By

Dr. Rasha Elnouby

Amina Abdelbaki


To sort the most important challenges & problems in Emerging Nations in the field of Cochlear Implant & hearing loss then to be discussed in Round Table setting (closed group discussion) in an attempt to define the International Standard and the possible modifications required to adjust it to fit the Emerging Nations.

  1. Neo Natal Hearing Screening
  2. Audiological Candidacy
  3. CI Programming
  4. CI Surgery in standard & In special cases
  5. CI surgery in Special cases (MEE; Meningitis….)
  6. CI in inner ear malformations
  7. Complications & Re-implantation
  8. Speech Rehab Standard of Care
  9. Evaluation of successful outcome
  10. Funding of CI Programming
  11. CI Education and Patient’s needs in different life situations

65 International Experts from 32 countries in addition to the National Faculties (attached participants’ whole list & moderators)

Action Plan


  • 8-10 Experts were selected to be actively participated in Round table Discussion of each topic
  • A Coordinator was assigned for each Topic to determine the points to be discussed in each topic and then communication was activated in between the participants through mails as brainstorming several weeks before the Congress.


  • In the first Day of the congress (Oct. 9th) the members of each topic sat together in a round table in the Hall of the “World Cafe” for 3 hours to come to recommendations.
  • In other sessions on Day 2 of the Congress (Oct. 10th); the moderator and the panelists on the stage presented the conclusion with an open discussion with the audience.
Follow up

The recommendations and conclusions of each topic will be published as soon as they are ready on the website then to be distributed to health authorities in different Emerging Nations then will be followed up in the next Congress of CI in Emerging Nations which will be held in India in 2020.